Liu Shifu has organised a special one off training workshop with a visiting master from China. See details below and contact us if you are interested in attending as you will need to reserve a place.

Professor Hua will visit Canberra and host a workshop/training session on Qigong at the Weston Creek Community Centre (Parkinson street, Weston Creek) on 5 July 2016 from 1:30pm-2:30pm.


As the session is being held in school holidays, the cost will be $10 for existing Tai Chi and Qigong students, $20 for all others.


Master Liu (Chinese): 0414790068
Kynan (English): 0403461770


Professor Hua was born in 1962 in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. In 1978, she was accepted into the Wuhan Sports Institute to study for a 6 year bachelor degree of education on Wushu forms. Upon graduation in 1984, she started to teach Wushu at the Wuhan University of Technology in the Department of Physical Education.
In 1993 she began to teach Wushu and health theory at the Wuhan Institute of Physical Education. In 2015 she was promoted to professor and later on taught the National Traditional Physical Eductation Masters’ degree course. She went on to become a Martial Arts Seventh Dan and a national level Qigong referee.
In the 32 years of her teaching career, she has been the master of countless Wushu athletes who have won many national and international titles. She has also written prize winning books on Wushu. Adding onto her achievements, she was authorised by the National Sports Commission to teach Wushu to many different countries such as: Japan, Vietnam, Iran, Germany, England, Korea, France, Greece, Portugal, Mauritius and now Australia.



Location: ANU sports hall, Studio 1


Location: ANU sports hall, Studio 1


Location: ANU, old hall badminton court

Master Jin Ju Lin, a Wu Shu/martial arts world champion who has been teaching Tai Chi and martial arts in Canberra for many years, will be conducting this class on Thursdays from 1:30pm-2:30pm at the Weston Community Centre, it is $12 ($10 concession) per session pay as you go.

If you are interested in further information please contact Chu on: 0411 144 528


Shifu Liu’s wushu class is open to people of all ages and levels of martial arts experience.

Shifu Liu is a top level wushu master and former top level champion wushu athlete from China. Within the class you will learn the basic of wushu while building a high level of fitness at your own pace.

Wushu is a diverse and dynamic martial art that includes many unique martial arts styles within its umbrella of training. Just like the matrix it can be hard to explain exactly what it is unless you see it for yourself. So come down to the ANU sports hall on Sunday and try a class out for free.

For more information, click here for the wikipedia entry on the sport of Wushu


Shifu (Master) Liu has been running a junior program here in Canberra for over 10 years. This program has welcomed and enabled children as young as 4 years of age to participate actively in class. Each child is allowed to develop at his/her own pace under the direct guidance of Sifu Liu.

Lessons are conducted at the ANU sports halls by Shifu Liu with assistance from her trusted senior students. Shifu Liu has established an environment/culture of mutual respect that natures a fun and welcoming class structure while also developing discipline and dedication.

Wushu is a martial art that facilitates the development of a very high level of fitness from childhood through to adults. The skills one learns are diverse and numerous, and highly transferable to other sports and activities.

Your children will be running and jumping, doing balance and co-ordination training while building good healthy strength and flexibility. Wushu training builds discipline of mind, great concentration and attention to detail while helping develop a confident and friendly character.

As there are no uniform requirements (or “coloured belts”) be assured that your child will quickly settle into the group.

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